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  • FCC 499Q - Revenue Report - Quarterly

Please provide your total revenues by product / service line (revenue section of your income statement) for the entire company (telecom, non-telecom, interest income, other, etc) for XXX Quarterly XXX no later than end of the day on XXX.  The totals on the FCC 499Q return require revenues for the entire company.

Go to BluLogix >>> Reports >>> "Product Revenue Report"

Use filters to get to as close as what you need. There are some limitations so you might just have to download the report and delete what is not needed for the time frame CSI is requesting.

When you generate a large report you will then go to "Console" and in the body of the webpage you will see a tab that says "Attachments" - the report will be located there.

  • FCC 477 - Revenues - Annually

The FCC 477 returns must be filed one per State plus DC.  Thus, there could be 51 separate reports as part of this filing requirement.

In order to prepare and file your FCC 477 reports we need the following information based on your customer base and your Federal Registration Number with the FCC and the password.  The report breaks down the data into Voice and Broadband.

Please provide in your email response:

      • Website address of your Company, not your customers.
      • Emergency Operations Contact Information (Name, email, and phone number) for your Company, not your customers. Please list the person within your company, not your customers, that handles operations (i.e. NOC Supervisor, etc.)

Attached is a data template for your use.  The first tab is for voice lines (local and VoIP).  The second tab is for data provided.  If you do not provide data – please leave blank. If you already have a report in place, please forward.  We just need to ensure that it captures all necessary data.

Voice Lines

      • Column A -End user line count at location (not carrier customer line count). For example – a residential address may have 2 separate lines at the same house.  Quantity would = 2
      • Column B – Break out by residential or commercial lines
      • Column C – Service type – indicate type of service (VoIP, Local line)
      • Column D -Address for each customer. Please do NOT include the customer name or any apartment or suite numbers. Only provide the street number AND street name. THIS CAN NOT BE A P.O. BOX – must be a physical address (i.e. 911 address if the billing address is listed as P.O. Box).
      • Column E- City/Town
      • Column F –State
      • Column G -zip code of the address provided in Column D (PLEASE DO NOT INCLUDE any 4 digit extensions).
      • Do you provide voice with internet i.e. bundled (VoIP lines)
      • Do you offer the LD on the line (pertains to local lines). If a VoIP line – leave blank
      • Over the top subscriptions – if you do not provide the VoIP line with internet – it s classified as “Over the top” and the quantity would go in this column
      • Technology used – unless it is a VoIP line and is sold WITH internet – indicate technology used to provide the service – it will be one of the following:
      1. Fiber
      2. Coax
      3. Fixed Wireless
      4. Copper


Provide ONLY if this applies to your customer base which for the FCC broadband is define as providing DATA service via technology such as DSL, cable modem, fiber.

Please provide a Microsoft Excel file that contains the following (example is below):

For broadband it will be the same process as the “Voice Lines” above.  However, we will need the speed of the circuits and how the circuit is provisioned to your customer.

How are you providing the broadband service – via a modem??  Depending on that answer we would need to add an additional column to the example below for you to tell us what category to report it under.  The most common categories are:
Cable Modem
Other Wireline – this includes all copper wire-based technologies other than DSL.  Ethernet over copper and T-1s are examples.
Optical Carrier (fiber)
Asymmetrical xDSL
Symmetric xDSL

  • FCC Form Certification

An email notification will come in stating that we need to certify. This happens several times throughout the year (Quarterly and Annually). You just go to the website and login (DP Access / Mygrotel). On the left side there is a menu and a section Pending Certifications with a list of forms that need to be certified. Click on the one you're certifying and follow the steps.