AT&T IP Flex International Rates

The rates set forth in this Rate Card are effective as of June 18, 2018.

The rates listed below will apply for the term of every AT&T Partner Exchange participant AT&T IP Flex Reach Service Pricing Schedule that is executed while this Rate Card is in effect. Subsequently published Rate Cards for AT&T Partner Exchange related AT&T IP Flex Reach Services will not apply to a participant’s previously executed AT&T Partner Exchange Pricing Schedule except to the extent related to new Service Components that are not contained in this Rate Card which are subsequently ordered by an AT&T Partner Exchange participant. For such new Service Components, the price in the then current Rate Card will apply to those new Service Components. The rates listed applicable to Service Components are subject to change from time to time as set forth in the Agreement, including, without limitation, by publication of a new Rate Card. In such an event, as of the Effective Date of any new Rate Card, the new rates will replace the rates for the Service Components in any prior Rate Card.

References in this Rate Card to a Service Component are not an indication of the availability of a specific Service Component. Not all Services, speeds, features, Port types, or combinations of Ports and Features are available. Additional charges apply for International Off-Net calls. Such rates are located below and are calculated on a per usage basis. AT&T sales representatives should be consulted for specific Service Component availability information.

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