Kim Wallschlaeger

Invoice Cramming

“Deception is the hallmark of cramming. Crammers often rely on confusing telephone bills to trick consumers into paying for services they did not authorize or receive, or that cost more than the consumer was led to believe.” Source weblink: Monthly invoices for wire-line or wireless bills can be confusing, which may be one reason …

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Junk Fees a Billion Dollar Business

How many times in good faith do we meet with representatives of telecom, data, or cable companies and negotiate arrangements then set budgets based on what we have been told only to find when invoiced the total costs to be completely different. Then the famous annoying statement when you question the billing department representative and …

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Enlightenment – January 2019

Enlightenment quote: “Whoever is happy will make other’s happy” ~ written by Anne Frank* The theme of the DP Access motivational calendar for January 2019 is enlightenment, so let us enlighten you about the rapid growth in the IoT world! As an AT&T Platinum Exchange Partner, DP Access enhances and truly helps organization’s management realize …

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