AI Integration Designed To Put You In Control

Solutions To Help You With Telecom Needs Today And Tomorrow

Each step in our human-free process guides you through exploring, purchasing, setting up and maintaining your telecom services. Whether you are setting up your office location or exploring adding services to your existing telecom set up, the AI-based software from DP Access allows you to choose wisely and with confidence.

AI-Based Quote Comparison

With our decision-making software tool, businesses are able to review unbiased pricing using AI guidance for their specific telecommunication needs.

The AI-based tool is set up in a wizard format, to succinctly guide you through critical questions in order to accurately quote on your telecom requirements.

The analytically-based tool also highlights the top recommendation while also providing details on the quote for review to help you understand what is included.

Order Services Easily

With the understanding of the quotes you have received through our pricing comparison tool, you will be able to quickly order services with your chosen service provider. If you have any questions on service ordering, you will be able to chat with one of our expert team members throughout this process.

Ordering and setting up auto payments is quick and easy. Our system will guide you through this secure payment system so you have full access to your account 24/7 and can see how your order is progressing to the implementation stage.

All of the process is completed online in a few easy steps.

Implement Solutions Skillfully

With the ordering of your telecom solutions complete, the next step is to set up implementation so your services are up and running correctly. There are two options for businesses with the implementation phase.

If you are new or unsure how to set up your systems, DP Access can provide the technology talent to handle the implementation for you. We will have you ready to go quickly and ensure your system is set up correctly.

If you have in-house talent to handle the implementation process, we ensure all of the items have arrived to your business location so you can successfully implement the system yourself.

Handle Billing Seamlessly

With DP Access SmartViews™, all of your bills from your providers are in one place and then consolidated into one invoice. You pay just one bill. Additionally, you can see all of your telecom service invoices together, helping you better manage your expenditure. No need to login to multiple carrier platforms.

With one payment of your telecom expenses and cloud invoice storage, you are on your way to better billing management.

Monthly Auditing Features

An additional and helpful feature of SmartViews™ is the alert notifications showing that your expenses have either increased or decreased from the previous month.

The SmartViews™ dashboard also gives you the power to audit your invoices through visual representation each month and on a month-to-month basis.

With this dashboard, you can optimize your telecom solutions and manage expense errors to improve your efficiency and bottom line.

Maintenance & Trouble Ticket Access in One Place

By having all invoices and account details in one place your IT team can easily access the important information needed to initiate a trouble ticket without having to navigate through various portals.

More Than Ordering Telecom Services

With our SmartView™ platform, you can see all of your telecom expenses with one view, one payment and full audit access.

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DP Access SmartViews Inclusion

With your initial service contract, you will receive complimentary access to our SmartViews™ platform, a bill pay and auditing software service. This access is good for the length of the initial service contract and will require a subscription fee for future service contracts. With SmartViews™, your business receives:

  • Ability to have automatic bill pay for all telecom invoices.
  • Auditing capabilities to control telecom expenses more easily.
  • Storage of past invoices for history review.
  • Storage of inventory and agreements for easy access.
  • Access to all monthly expenses in a quick dashboard view.
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